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Personal Loans

We provide quick and accessible consumer loans to individuals. Also, whether you're looking to pay off existing loans, consolidate credit, give your home a makeover or invest in a car, a Personal Loan could help you make it happen. With a quick disbursement within 24 hours and friendly interest rates at reducing balance; at Trivista, you are sure that we have your back at all times.

Small Business Loans

Have you dreamed of starting your own business? Or maybe you need to expand your existing business? As an experience Small Business Loan provider, we have the loan programs that help small businesses get the funds they need to help their companies succeed. This we do with flexible terms while preserving working capital for other essential business needs.

Lines of Credit

If you need short-term cash for your business to fund receivables, fluctuations in a seasonal business, or other pressing needs for working capital, a line of credit may be the best option. With this type of loan, you typically use only what you need as you need it, as opposed to a business term loan that arrives in one lump sum. Trivista’s line of Credit Services are designed to meet the specific funding needs of each clients at favorable rates. By establishing a dependable Line of Credit with Trivista, you can trust that liquidity is available whenever you need it. Come talk to us and let us see how we can help your business run smoothly all year.

Federal and States Employees Loans

If you are a federal or state civil servant, government parastatals and ministries employees; this is a great opportunity for you in accessing our fast, low rate and efficient loan facility. Our extremely fast loan process guarantees you a loan facility within a few hours after a successful loan application at a competitive interest rate without collateral and without any form of hidden charges.

School Fees Advance

Our School Fees Advance is a credit facility tailored to finance the payment of your child’s school fees for schools and institutions within the country. This facility is available to employees of various organizations.

Invoice Discounting Facility/LPO Finance.

Our invoice discount facility assists small businesses to achieve adequate liquidity at all time for their supplies and other businesses. This is a short term borrowing facility which provides a quick cash flow solution to our clients business needs. Your business can draw money against invoices (receivables) issued before your clients pay for products supplied or services rendered.

Group loans.

Trivista Capital Group Loan is a simple, general-purpose loan offered to employees of large organizations’ and conglomerates. Repayments are made monthly from the employee's salary and will be remitted by the company or paid monthly by employee via cheque, remittal debit or electronic debits from the salary account. Some benefits are: - Loans are disbursed in less than 24 hours after a successful application -Dedicated account officers to attend to the needs of your employees; -Simplified documentation requirements - Instant disbursement of funds to your staff member's account of choice.

Asset Financing

We are quick in making decisions to finance the acquisition of your desired assets. Our lease finance process is simple and stands us out in the total time needed to conclude your transaction. This service covers the purchase of all assets both household, Personal and Business after our quick inspection procedure.